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    The Lumbar & Sacral Plexus


    Below the Lumbar Plexus is the Sacral Plexus “nerve bundle”. The connective neuro-tissues include a portion of the spine but they also extends forward to the genitalia. If someone knows you well enough, they can remotely “ping” your Sacral Plexus, and you *will* have a not so small orgasm.

    Even if they’re 2,000 miles away. I can verify it at 2,600 miles and across two Time Zones. Ideally, it’s probably better if you are both awake. Otherwise, the result may be a “shared dream”, somewhat like in “Inception” but without the suitcases, geeky wires or multimillion dollar budget. Once you learn the technique, it’s cheaper than a postage stamp. 

    It began happening spontaneously in our case, the idea of a nerve bundle being called a “Chakra Point” was foreign to us both and what we made of it…was far from “sacred” or a part of any other Eastern philosophy. Initially, the sensations began in our Solar Plexus. It would be another three years before I discovered there was name for it. In every case, the “ping” eventually ricochets to the Sacral Plexus and if you weren’t already having an orgasm, you’d have one then whether you were expecting it or not. Whether on a ladder, or washing dishes or making a sandwich. So, it’s recommended to try and maintain your balance. You don’t want to break anything if you fall or lose your composure in the shuttering sensation that will follow. The sensation is very strong, I have dropped dishes or whatever was in my hands. I have never practiced yoga, meditation and we never studied chakras, or Buddhism. The supportive information came along years after the experience. I am not a proponent of Chakras or meditation, I am merely saying other people seem to refer to these things by topical headings that also apply to a situation outside the discipline that Eastern thought has produced. For us, there was only the experience, it was spontaneous and not the result of training or study. There was “love and desire” but these emotional components ended up getting exchanged in a kind of neural entanglement we were not expecting. The result is a kind of communication that to my knowledge, I’ve never seen written about or detailed in any way. I am uncertain how it became a reality for us. I’m open to suggestions if anyone has had a similar experience. 

    She lives on the Gulf Coast, I live in the Pacific NW. One day…perhaps in a few years, we may take residence in Metro DC. In the meantime, I am very careful while on ladders. 

    I apologize in advance if this seems nonsensical to you, my dear reader. 

    EDIT: 2013 - no longer a few years away for the mentioned reunion. The relationship is coming to term this Summer and as predicted Metro D.C. is a short term destination. 

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